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Loans for Business

Funding to help you get your assets organised and your business flourish.

The simplest form of commercial finance is a commercial loan. You agree an amount, a repayment period and the cost of finance (for example, the interest rate and fees).
Commercial loans can be secured or unsecured. Secured loans are usually cheaper, because the lender is taking a lower risk, but you need to have assets to use as security. Unsecured loans are useful for companies that don’t have enough assets to get a secured loan.

From Startups to established small to medium enterprises, our team work with businesses to understand their financial position, the loan requirement and the lending potential available.

If you need to raise finance for cashflow purposes, expansion or any other legitimate business purpose, there are plenty of options even if your bank has said no. There are numerous options available when it comes to business finance and loans and many of these can be tailored to the type of business you are involved in with many specialist schemes and products designed with you the customer in mind.

Don’t be fooled by thinking all lenders look for the same thing: they don’t, so don’t despair if the Bank has said no: there are always other options.

We get to know your business before searching for the right loan to help support your plans.

Home Improvements

In many cases home improvements and extensions can either avoid a costly move or increase the sale value of a property. At Blue Crocodile we help you realise your home’s potential by investing our time in understanding your situation and sourcing the best lending solution.

These longer term loans can make home improvements more affordable as the cost is spread out in a similar way to a mortgage.

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