Changing times, time to change mortgage

Change Mortgage?

Is it Time?

With interest rates currently at their lowest ever level, if you’ve come to the end of a fixed rate mortgage period, or want to release some money from your property for a DIY project, there’s never been a better time to change your mortgage.

Secure a better mortgage rate now, and see a reduction in your monthly outgoings. Maybe you’d like to consolidate other debts (credit cards, car loans) into one payment, or extend your mortgage term. Remortgaging may save you a fortune!

Hoping to move house in the near future? Be mortgage ready for when the time comes. Contact us and we’ll quickly get to know your circumstances. We’ll search the whole market and use our industry experience to find you the best lending option.

If times are tight right now, borrowing extra funds by releasing equity in your property might help ease the strain. Our professional advisory service is here to help.

We are ‘whole of market’ mortgage advisers. With so many changes to lenders policies/criteria, at Blue Crocodile Money you benefit from independent advice. We search the whole market to ensure you’re not missing out on better deals. Automated valuations mean speedier remortgages in most cases. Our contact with you is all remote/online, perfect for the changing times we live in.

If you’ve experienced a drop in income, or have credit issues meaning a remortgage is not an option, we’ll look for new deals with your current lender and swap to one that works for you. We will happily manage this transfer of products for you with no charge!

If you’re looking forward to future mortgage free days we’ll even reduce your mortgage term, so you can be mortgage free sooner.

Whatever your mortgage needs, we’re here to help you make the right choice.

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1st June, 2020